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World Heritage old quarter, historic site, vibrant city.


The Cathedral. With its towers presiding over the historic center, the Cathedral is Morelia’s the most iconic sight.

The arcades. A coffee, a meal, a meeting, a conversation, always under the arcades.

Michoacan Crafts House. Find the best Michoacan folk art at the former San Francisco convent.

Guadalupe Sanctuary. Nothing prepares the visitor for the magic interior of this profusely decorated church.

Music Festival. Every November classical music fills the churches and palaces of the historic district.

The moving of the nuns. This striking oil painting featuring the procession of nuns entering the Temple of the Nuns is on display at the Michoacan Regional Museum.

Sweet Morelia. At the market o at the museum you will find an infinite variety of traditional candied fruits.

Video Mapping. Every Friday Night the Michoacan Crafts House comes to life with the video mapping show.

Religious art jewels. The art gallery at the San Agustin church keeps an unexpected surprise for art lovers.

Night stroll. The Las Rosas Conservatory is part of the night stroll around the lit monumental Morelia.

San Nicolas College. Priest Hidalgo and Morelos met at this college originally founded by Don Vasco. The rest is history.

Culture is happening. Exhibits, concerts and events at the Culture House, in the former Carment convent.

Morelia, corazón de Michoacán
Highlights of Morelia slideshow
Highlights of Morelia slideshow
Morelia, corazón de Michoacán

Monument city

A perfectly preserved historic center. Shady parks and gorgeous paths for strolling. Baroque in pink stone. Convents and palaces turned into music, crafts and artistic creation venues. The best restaurants in Michoacan. The university where the seed of Independence germinated. The arts celebrating incredible festivals. A coffee under the arcades. Morelia is more alive than ever.

Click on the map and let Morelia unfold her streets and squares for you.

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