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Festival de la Gastronomía Michoacana


This fair blends the flavor of traditional cooks, chefs and food producers to preserve the gastronomical culture of the state.

Michoacan was the paradigm that gave the appointment of World Heritage to the Mexican gastronomy, in 2010. The Purepecha women, through their atapakuas, chandukatas, churipos, uchepos and corundas have transmitted the importance of the food, where highlights the tradition, ingredients and attachment to the local.

These experts of the palate participate in the contest of traditional dishes, drinks and sauces from the area, and in a best stand contest, with a different theme each year.

Some dishes are present for the general public to taste.


Getting there

Expoferia s/n, Col. La Goleta. 61303 Charo, Charo

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