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Migracion de la Mariposa Monarca


A show of orange tones that mix with the green forests from Michoacan, ideal for its climatic characteristics and the fauna and flora that offer its forests. The butterflies are born during the summer in the northern United States and southern Canada, then embark on an adventure to Mexico.

They are the only generation that participates in the migratory phenomenon, in a journey of 4,500 km, which cross several states of Mexico, to settle in late autumn and early winter in the sanctuaries of El Rosario, at Ocampo, and Sierra Chincua, at Angangueo.

The Biosphere Reserve in Michoacan offers favorable conditions. Diverse organizations, ejidos and  the government works to preserve this specie.

It is recommended to visit the sanctuaries during the morning, to respect the signs and to go with coats and footwear for mountain.


16-11-2019 - 31-03-2020
12:01 AM - 11:59 PM

Getting there

Ejido El Rosario. Angangueo, Angangueo

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