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Sea Turtle Festival

Playa Azul

Less than 10 years ago, in Playa Azul, the sea turtle festival began as a measure to create conscience in the people about the importance to take care of the habitat of the turtle. The festival began by initiatives from turtle campers of the cooperation societies of fish production, civil societies and district and state authorities of Michoacan.

The month of October is considered the month of the sea turtle. Usually, the activities begin on a Saturday morning with an opening ceremony with the presence of district and state authorities. Later, some contests and breaks take place before the people can be near the fence constructed to watch the newborn turtles take their first steps without interference. At the end of the day, the freeing of adult turtles that go under water to look for their babies. On Sundays, the activities are repeated.

Besides the turtle festival, a surfing tournament and drawing contest take place. 

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Playa Azul. Playa Azul, Lázaro Cárdenas

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