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Tzintzuntzan Night of the Dead


On this night, the Tzintzuntzan graveyard exhales an exquisite smell of flowers, incense, candles, pan de muerto (traditional Mexican bread of a Day of the Dead) and traditional candies that decorate the beautiful and big ofrendas (offerings).

The Day of the Dead or of the Souls, as it is known in the indigenous communities Purepechas, was declared Cultural Heritage of the Humanity in 2003. Mexico stands out by its transcendence and traditions; some of the most relevant ones take place in Michoacan, being one of the most significant ritual expressions.

You can see a representation of the pre-hispanic ball game and you will feel surrounded of the magical atmosphere of the festivity, full of tradition and nostalgia.

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Ctra. Pátzcuaro-Quiroga. Tzintzuntzan, Tzintzuntzan

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