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Adventure in the village swallowed by the volcano


Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro - Uruapan

February 20, 1943. Loud thunder was heard, the earth shook and a plume of ash rose and covered everything. This was the birth of Paricutín, the youngest volcano in Mexico. The eruption lasted nine years during which the lava travelled 10 km at a slow but unstoppable pace, eventually covering two towns, Paricutin and San Juan Parangaricutiro. Nothing remains of the former, while the only remains of the latter are the standing structures of the Sanctuary of the Lord of Miracles.

The ride from Angahuan to San Juan is suitable for the whole family and the rewards are enormous, the remains of San Juan are an amazing sight. It is a real adventure. the lava fields look impossible to cross and the trail runs between huge volcanic black rocks. And there they stand, the remains of the temple, a classical facade with columns and the remains of a tower that still looks up at the sky, both defying destruction in the middle of a sea of lava. As you approach you will see that maybe there was a miracle, because the lava, which destroyed everything in its path, did not touch the stone altarpiece.

In the vicinity you will find Don José Guadalupe, who was 13 when the Paricutin erupted. He is a firsthand witness of one of the most extraordinary events ever, and will be happy to discuss how it happened. If you are intrigued by volcanoes you can also get from Angahuan to the very crater of Paricutín.

We recommend

  • Experience the adventure safely. Hire a guide and horses in Angahuan. Wear comfortable hiking shoes and take sun block. When you reach the ruins of San Juan you can buy food and drinks.
  • Visit the new Sanctuary of the Lord of Miracles in San Juan Nuevo. The miraculous Christ of cornstalk paste is still highly revered.

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