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Apatzingan, the cradle of the Constitution


Apatzingán de la Constitución - Apatzingán

Apatzingán is the capital of Tierra Caliente, a tropical orchard with mountains and valleys filled with fruit trees. This small town retains the atmosphere of Michoacán villages, with their white and red facades, and wood and tile roofs. Its main garden, the Plaza Cívica de la Constitución, is lined with the city’s main buildings. On one side, the City Hall and, on the corner, the modernist Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. And opposite, the building that earned Apatzingán its place in Mexican history: House of the Constitution, a national monument.

On October 22, 1814, during the War of Independence, the Insurgent Congress led by José María Morelos y Pavón, enacted the first constitution of Latin America in Apatzingán, in what is now known as House of the Constitution. This constitution proclaimed Mexico’s independence and established a republic under the principles of the separation of state powers and the equality of all Mexicans.

The museum collection includes original documents linked to the country’s independence as well as Morelos’ personal correspondence. It also contains a replica of the uniform Morelos wore on the day of signing (the original is in Chapultepec Castle), and a large painting depicting the event. It is in fact a journey to the birth of the nation.

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Antojitos (Snacks) Market

Antojitos (Snacks) Market

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