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Beaten copper in Santa Clara


Santa Clara del Cobre - Patzcuaro Region

The rhythmic sound of metal against metal accompanies travelers on their walk through the Magical Town of Santa Clara.

It is a town where the residents already worked copper in pre-Hispanic times and forms part of the craftsmen’s villages on the Don Vasco Route. In Santa Clara, every house is home to one or more artisans, while hammering forms the town’s sounds cape. You can always hear it: in the distance or close by, softly or loudly. But you can always hear it.

In the Copper Museum, in addition to the magnificent collection of items, you can watch these artisans at work. The burning forge, the red-hot metal waiting to be beaten, the men with their mallets. This is not an easy job. If you want to try your hand at this, at Casa Felicitas they have a great workshop where the master craftsman guides you through every step of the process. You will learn that the copper block to be melted to produce the piece is called a guaronda, the anvil is known as a bigornia and hammers can be either candongas or candonguitas.

After just one minute of hammering, you realize how much effort it takes to work metal. After another minute of watching the coppersmith, you realize that you have to be an artist to produce the exquisite work involved in making a vase or tray. Without joints or seams, in perfect symmetry and on an impossible scale without mistakes. Quite simply, art in metal.

We recommend

  • Do not try to bargain when you visit the stores. Remember that each item is a unique piece which the craftsman often takes months to produce.
  • If you really like copper, don’t miss the National Copper Fair in July and August, on the feast day of Santa Clara.

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Morelos #263, Col. Centro. 61800 Santa Clara del Cobre, Salvador Escalante


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Las Tarascas Fountain

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