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Cooking on the Purépecha Tableland


Zacán - Uruapan

Cultures express themselves through food. The gastronomic legacy of the peoples of the Purépecha plateau has remained intact as a result of its traditional cooks. Thanks to them, traditional Mexican cuisine was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage. You cannot leave without trying it.

The ingredients take us back to the cornfield. We are enjoying the harvest, we know they planted beans and squash, and white, purple and blue corn: the basis of their diet. We are also offered rabbit and chicken, pork and beef. The aromas come from the herbs, used in just the right amount. In the sauces we imagine the mortar and pestle full of chilies and tomatoes. The hands that make tortillas. The fire under the griddle.

Everyday dishes such as corundas de frijoles, bean tamales also known as jaguacatas. Corundas to accompany soups such as churipo de res or a delicious mole tatemado. Red moles served at weddings and funerals such as atápakua or xanducata. Donuts and chocolate for breakfast on holidays, tamales and atole which are always present on major occasions.

Formerly the only way to discover the amazing culinary heritage of this region was to be lucky enough to be invited to a celebration. Cooking didn’t leave people’s homes. Today, there is an enormous range of cooking in this region, and two traditional cooks have begun promoting the creation of small traditional cuisines that are well worth visiting: Doña Esperanza Galván in Zacán and Doña Juana Bravo in Angahuan. Bon appétit!

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  • Sample the specialties of each cook at the Craft flea market of Ramos Sunday in Uruapan, where in addition to find all sorts of crafts you can try the traditional dishes of the region, one of the main events on the Don Vasco Route. Do not miss it!

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Antojitos (Snacks) Market


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Antojitos (Snacks) Market

Antojitos (Snacks) Market


Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)


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Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)

Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)

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