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Flowering jacarandas in Jiquilpan


Jiquilpan de Juárez - Zamora

In April and May Jiquilpan turns purple. Jacarandas bloom in its avenues and forests, covering the village with a dreamy mantle. Be sure to bring your camera.

Jiquilpan has jacaranda forests, tree-lined squares and cafes under the arcades. It is a Magical Town, an authentic village of artists and presidents. Jiquilpan is a town with a distinct flavor and history that is well worth a visit.

This is where General Lázaro Cárdenas was born on May 21, 1895 , and the town reflects the spirit of change and progress of the 30s and 40s. The general had Juárez Park and Cuauhtémoc Forest planted, which offer a riot of color in the spring when the jacarandas blossom. His holiday residence, the House of Stone, now houses looms where silk is turned into artwork. This is the perfect place to find a handmade souvenir.

The gardens and squares of this magical town warrant a leisurely stroll. The Main Square extends to the Colón Garden, a charming square where Trova musicians play under the arcades and the locals drink coffee every afternoon. This is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a relaxing lunch. Look out for the La Aguadora Fountain, the symbol of the town, and carry on to the garden in front of the San Francisco Church, where the Christ of the Pilgrimage is held.

Nearby, there are two unusual places. In El Porvenir, Feliciano Béjar’s museum-house, you will be astonished by the optical effects of the Magiscopes. The library contains the extraordinary murals of one of the greatest artists of his time, José Clemente Orozco. A must-see!

We recommend

  • To learn more about the life of Lázaro Cárdenas visit the Museum that UNAM maintains in the city.
  • December is also a festive month: The Pilgrimage of the Lanterns on the 11th, the Dance of the Blacks between December 24 and February 2 and the bowers, from December 15 until January.

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