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Three women at the forefront of Mexican cuisine. Three ways of understanding the legacy of traditional Mexican cuisine, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Three restaurants in Morelia introducing you to the universe of flavors of Michoacán, the gastronomic cradle of Mexico.

Chef Cinthya Martínez combines the traditional tastes and techniques of Michoacán with Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine in San Miguelito and La Conspiración de 1809. Both the food and the ambiance reflect the essence of Mexico. You can learn to prepare typical dishes with a traditional cook and ask for an impossible wish or a husband from San Antonio. For those who have not come prepared, the restaurant provides a book to write down your request and candles.

Local ingredients are key to Lucero Soto’s gastronomic proposal, LU. Her cuisine draws on Michoacán’s rich culinary tradition, with respect for its origins yet highly topical. Set under the arcades facing the cathedral, LU is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, either in the formal living room or for eating al fresco.

Rubí Silva is the soul of Los Mirasoles, a downtown restaurant that raises traditional Michoacán fare to the level of haute cuisine. It is an elegant restaurant with an amazing wine bar and a wine cellar for private meals. The kitchen produces the city’s best chiles capones and mouthwatering enchiladas placeras. An exceptional dining experience in the perfect place to indulge yourself.

We recommend

  • Make sure you book a table in advance, especially on special dates and weekends.
  • Go with the chefs’ suggestions, which always include choice seasonal products.
  • Sample the variety of Michoacán mescal.
  • The best restaurants in Morelia and Michoacán are its Tesoros.

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Las Tarascas Fountain


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Las Tarascas Fountain

Las Tarascas Fountain

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Morelia Cathedral


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Morelia Cathedral

Morelia Cathedral

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