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Pátzcuaro - Patzcuaro Region

Markets are windows onto people’s everyday lives, their customs, cooking, jobs and activities. In the Pueblo Mágico de Pátzcuaro, food lovers will find the whole range of traditional lake cuisine in a couple of blocks.

The market, the real epicenter of the constant coming and going of people from all communities in the lake, is located to one side of the Gertrudis Bocanegra square and extends to the west in a colorful market. The old market consists of a succession of family stalls selling fresh vegetables, cheeses from Michoacán, grains, breads, meats ... At the end, freshly-caught fish are brought in from the lake every morning. People don't go hungry: all day long, carnitas, fish soups, tacos and snacks come out of the kitchens.

Outside, under tarps to protect them from the climate, small farmers, who bring seasonal products from their fields, set up their stalls offering various types of avocado , white, red and blue corn, huge yams, cactus and prickly pears, fresh corn smut and freshly cut squash flower. However, the most interesting place for any foodie is probably the small market next to the Guadalupe Sanctuary. Here they only sell dried fish. Whole white fish and an amazing variety of silversides, organized by size. Don't hesitate to ask how they are prepared, and be sure to take home one of the most traditional products in the region.

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  • Visit the market in the morning, when the freshest produce comes in. Buy genuine Michoacán products such as dried fish, chongos zamoranos or Cotija cheese, both of which have been granted Denomination of Origin.

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  • In the morning


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Antojitos (Snacks) Market


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Antojitos (Snacks) Market

Antojitos (Snacks) Market

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Morelia Cathedral


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Morelia Cathedral

Morelia Cathedral

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