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Millions of butterflies flying in the spring


Angangueo - País de la Monarca

This is a blessing! murmured a gray-haired woman, unable to contain her astonishment. It happened on a cold and sunny February morning, at an altitude of 3,300 meters, in a clearing in a pine and fir forest. Swarms of Monarch butterflies flew over our heads, awakening from their winter lethargy with the first signs of spring, when the sun starts warming the cold peaks.  A gentle hum breaks the silence of the forest: the sound of millions of butterfly wings. Behind me, the woman watched the spectacle with a child’s excitement. And no wonder, we were witnessing a unique phenomenon.

The migration of the monarch butterfly is one of the greatest natural wonders. Each year 100 million butterflies make the 4,500 km journey from the US and Canada to Mexico, where they concentrate in a few hectares at the  Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site, encompassing the sanctuaries of Michoacán and the State of Mexico. The butterflies hibernate between November and January. In February, they wake up and fly by the millions searching for food, copulating and preparing for the long journey back.

To see the monarch butterfly, you have to go to one of the three Michoacán sanctuaries: Sierra Chincua, El Rosario, and Senguio, very close to the Pueblo Mágico de Angangueo. From the entrance, where the butterflies are located, it is usually a journey of several kilometers. The sanctuaries offer horses, which are the best option. The shrines are equipped with all amenities: interpretation center, guided tours, meals and drinks and the sale of handicrafts.

We recommend

  • Come Monday through Friday, there are barely any visitors. It´s worth it.
  • Check the weather forecast and go on a sunny day to see the maximum number of butterflies.
  • Be sure to bring comfortable hiking shoes and warm clothing.
  • Come also in December, when they are hibernating and cover the forests with their clusters.

Live it

  • In the morning
  • In the afternoon


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Las Tarascas Fountain


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Las Tarascas Fountain

Las Tarascas Fountain


Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)


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Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)

Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)

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