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Pátzcuaro - Patzcuaro Region

We love the objects that make us happy, especially if they are related to a trip with a memory or a moment. If you are in Pátzcuaro you're in luck: the craftsmen of the region have taken their trades to the level of art and their work is on display in museums and private collections of folk art. Welcome to the craftsmen’s town, the heart of the Don Vasco Route, the Magical Town.

All Purépecha communities produce craftwork This region is known for its textiles, pottery, lacquer, wood, plant fibers and metalwork. To familiarize yourself with local crafts, visit the Folk Arts and Industries Museum. Here you will learn how craftwork is part of the identity of each people, and has lasted until today, evolving from useful to artistic.

Perhaps the best known venue for an afternoon of shopping is the House of the eleven Courtyards, a former Dominican monastery where you will find stores specializing in all branches of craftwork in patio after patio. It is worth a visit to see the master craftsmen delicately working the exquisite lacquer ware of the region.

In the main square stands the Palace of Huitziméngari, the son of the last Purépecha ruler. Be sure to go into the rooms around the central courtyard where the artisans sell their products. And if you’d prefer an edible souvenir of your trip in La Surtidora, the same square offers a huge variety of Michoacán products: local rum, known as Charanda, chongos zamoranos (cinnamon-flavored junket) and mescal. Bon appétit!

We recommend

  • Visit the Ruta don Vasco Visitor interpretive centre, where you will be given a detailed explanation of the artistic vocation of the Purépecha people in an immersive, interactive experience, the only one of its kind in Mexico.
  • On Palm Sunday and the Night of the Dead in Pátzcuaro there is a craft market in Pátzcuaro. Do not miss it!

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