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Michoacán is a land of craftsmen. Santa Clara is famous for its exquisite copper work and Paracho for its magnificent instruments. In fact, the whole of Michoacán produces handicrafts of extraordinary quality, with craftsmen whose pieces are displayed in museums and private collections such as the Banamex Collection.

As a result of the influence of Vasco de Quiroga, each town has a unique craft tradition. The Don Vasco Route is dotted with potters’ villages such as Cocucho, Capula and Santa Fe de la Laguna; weavers’ villages such as Charapan and Angahuan; carpenters’ villages such as Cuanajo and Quiroga, specialists in pre-Hispanic lacquer and painted lacquer in Uruapan and Pátzcuaro, and stonemasons’ towns such as Tzintzuntzan.

There is no need to scour the state to find the best folk art. In Morelia, the House of Handicrafts offers a wide range. with 11,000 pieces by the state’s finest craftspeople. It is an extraordinary opportunity to admire and purchase original pieces directly from the artisan.

The House of Crafts is located in the former monastery of San Francisco in the historic center of Morelia. It is the perfect place to explore the world of Michoacán's folk art at your leisure. Large items such as the outsize water vessels known as cocuchas and furniture are arranged around the cloisters. To the right of the entrance, two large rooms house a stunning collection of craftwork such as painted lacquer trays, copper pots, Chardonnet silk, silk, cotton and wool shawls, wooden toys, and finely decorated vases, amusing Catrina dolls, beautiful guitars and spectacular glazed earthenware chandeliers. Don’t miss it-only the finest craftwork is displayed here.

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  • Come in plenty of time so you can tour the exhibition at leisure. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Buy original craftwork as gifts and souvenirs. A large selection is available at the online store www.artesaniasdemichoacan.com

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