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Paracho de Verduzco - Uruapan

Musicians sit up and pay attention when they hear the word “Paracho”. This town is a mecca for fans and professionals around the world who come to Paracho in search not just of any guitar, but “their” guitar. Which the master guitar maker will create for them. Because the guitar players of Paracho are part of the tradition of great craftsmen on the Don Vasco Route, contemporary guitar makers regarded as the finest in Mexico.

It does not take a professional to appreciate the skills of the Paracho guitar makers. You learned to play the guitar at school. As a young man you wanted to be a rock star. Maybe you play in your church. You’re a mariachi. You want to give your daughter an instrument. Or you just like to play your favorite songs. Lots of people have music inside them; it’s time to let it flow!

Finding your guitar will take a while. You will find several workshops around the center of Paracho. Some specialize in high-end instruments, while others stock a whole range. Tell the guitar maker what you are looking for, he will teach you to distinguish the sound of one type of wood from another. In Paracho they work with all kinds of fine woods such as paloescrito, real cypress, Brazilian rosewood, candlewood and ebony. Try several guitars, you should feel comfortable with the sound, the body and even the color. It will be your guitar. Make sure it feels like it.

We recommend

  • Find your dream guitar at the Fair of the Guitar held every year. Visit the Museo Club Lauderos to find out about the techniques for making these instruments.
  • Come to Paracho also other stringed instruments such as bass, charango, bass or tololoches, four, docerolas and carbines, cuartos, quintos and requintos, mandolins, tres, tricorders, ukuleles, harps, violins, violas and violonchellos.

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20 de Noviembre s/n, Col. Centro. 60250 Paracho de Verduzco, Paracho


Las Tarascas Fountain


Ver ficha
Las Tarascas Fountain

Las Tarascas Fountain


Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)


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Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)

Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)

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