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The history of the Catrinas in Capula


Capula - Morelia

A skeleton in period dress, wearing a wide-brimmed hat decorated with flowers, lace and a plumed serpent as a shawl, greets everyone who comes to Capula. It is the Catrina, the symbol of this small potters’ village on the Don Vasco Route, famous for making these amusing emblematic Mexican figures.

D. Juan Torres, a renowned international artist who settled in Capula, popularized the Catrina decades ago. Today, hundreds of small family workshops in the village keep his legacy alive by adding constantly evolving designs and the personal stamp of each artisan.

José Guadalupe Posada created the “Chickpea Poem” to mock those who wore French clothes but did not have enough money to buy any more chick peas, explains Torres. Later on, Diego Rivera, in his mural Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park, painted a full-length portrait of this figure, renaming it Catrina.

You can visit Torres’ workshop where, in addition to the workspace where Catrinas are made, there is a room where the multi-talented artist has mounted an extraordinary display of his painting and sculpture collection. Don’t miss this opportunity to take home a real work of art.

We recommend

  • In addition to Catrinas, Capula is famous for its dotted ceramic work, particularly crockery. On Av. Vasco de Quiroga, the main street, you will find several workshops with displays. We also recommend going to UNEA Michoacán, an enormous collective store, with items from all the workshops.
  • Come to the National Fair of the Catrina held every year from late October to November 3, where you can find many craftsmen, who produce male and female Catrina dolls, crockery and other figures as well as artistic activities and cuisine from all over the region.

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