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Tingambato, the place where the fire ends


Tingambato - Uruapan

Tingambato, the place where the fire ends Located between the cold region of the mountain, the plateau and the hot region of the south, this archaeological site dates from the first millennium AD. Tingambato is associated with the Teotihuacan culture, which predates the Tarasca culture that dominated the region before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The ceremonial center is divided into two parts. On reaching the site you will find the remains of the chambers of the ruling class, an ancient palace near the main square. This space is delimited by pyramid bases with stairs on all four sides, and in the center you will see a small building, which would have been an altar for the celebration of ceremonies. The eastern pyramid, the Pyramid of the Moon, is majestic.

Take a look at the side of the square nearest the entrance. You will see an underground passage leading to a chamber. There you will find the grave of an important personage, since, in addition to the body, 32 skulls were found in the burial chamber.

No ceremonial center would be complete without a ballgame, which in this case, is located at the west end of the main square.

This archaeological discovery raises as many questions as it provides answers. Can you imagine what it must have looked like?

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  • Bring comfortable shoes and sun block.
  • The archaeological site is open daily; the entrance fee is $50 pesos.

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Tinganio s/n, Col. Tercero. 60290 Tingambato, Tingambato


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