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Zamora de Hidalgo - Zamora

We are arriving in Zamora. From the road we see the city appear before our eyes. The city skyline shows two tall towers, as sharp as needles, as if trying to touch the clouds. In the distance the Sanctuary of Guadalupe welcomes us.

This imposing temple, whose construction took 70 years, is a tribute to the Gothic churches of medieval Europe which, for the first time dared to look up and conquer the skies with their naves with impossible ribs and slender towers. The stonework became more delicate; light came through windows. And the faithful of the time felt both overwhelmed and amazed. Centuries later, Guadalupe provides the same, almost mystical experience as you go in. No other church in Mexico has ever been built so high.

A walk through Zamora reveals other temples built in an identical neo-Gothic style. Behind the cathedral you find the modest Juan Diego Temple, previously the Guadalupe sanctuary, next to San Francisco. Head west down Hidalgo street or Calle Morelos, two avenues worth exploring on foot, with their beautiful neoclassical mansions. The beautiful Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart, in Morelos, is your destination. Its distinctive arches make this an imposing façade.

On the way, stop to admire the whimsical and eclectic Federal Palace. If you would like to see some more monuments, continue to the Calvario Temple or Purísima, both built in the neoclassical style.

We recommend

  • Try the Chongos Zamoranos, the local dessert par excellence. There is no better place to try them than the Morelos Market, next to the main square.
  • When you're in the Guadalupe Shrine, don’t forget to visit the neighboring Centro Estatal de las Artes, an impressive contemporary building, and the beautiful Obrero Theater, right next to it.

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Av. 5 de Mayo #222, Col. Centro. 59600 Zamora de Hidalgo, Zamora


Antojitos (Snacks) Market


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Antojitos (Snacks) Market

Antojitos (Snacks) Market


Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)


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Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)

Market of Crafts of the State Union of Artisans of Michoacan (UNEA-MICH)

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