Hotel Gambusino Resort Las Peñas

Las Peñas

4 star


From $1,000 MXN

The Gambusino Hotel is one of those small hotels with very few rooms, but it is decorated with unique designer art pieces and it includes all the necessary services for a luxurious stay. This hotel’s main objective is to offer its guest with an ideal space for tranquility and relaxation by the sea. Located on the beautiful Las Peñas beach, this hotel stands on a natural cliff, preserving the natural surrounding environment. The hotel’s front faces the highway and the back faces the sea. Its facilities include a Palapa-bar, which is located in a nearby cliff and connected to the Hotel by a 16 meters rustic bridge.

In-room services

  • Air conditioning
  • Cable TV

Hotel services

  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool

Getting there

Ctra. Federal Comán-Colima km 18, Col. Las Peñas. 60977 Las Peñas, Lázaro Cárdenas

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