Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas

Coastal Region

The port of the Pacific, the Michoacan beach

Lazaro Cardenas is the second most important commercial port of Mexico. A cheerful and modern city, door to the Michoacan coast, home of perfect beaches for rest, sports and ecotourism.

The Michoacan coast still preserves its beautiful nature. With a tropical weather and a great variety of ecosystems, to explore the coast is to discover marshes, creeks and cliffs like Las Peñas, with its incredible view and spectacular sun sets.

A perfect place to rest is Playa Azul, a few miles away from Lazaro Cardenas, is the most famous beach of Michoacan. A renowned place among surfers and an excellent place to sport fishing. A great place to visit is between October and December, so your kids can participate in the activities organized by the turtle sanctuaries to create ecological conscience in the children.

Besides that, the lovers of wild life will find in the Barra de Pichi a swamp in which you can travel by boat in search the exuberant vegetation. Pure nature just a few minutes away from Lazaro Cardenas.

Our recommendations:

  1. Taste the excellent golden fish, or pescado a la talla, as well as the shrimp or the lobster. Taste the local coconut, some say is the best in Mexico, in atole, ice cream or empanadas, as you prefer it.
  2. Visit the city in time for the Expo Lazaro Cardenas Fair, with spectacles and mechanical rides
  3. Participate with your family in the Festival of the Sea Turtle in October.
  4. Take a boat trip around the swamps to look for crocodiles.
  5. Enjoy the nearby beaches like Playa Azul, Las Peñas, La Soledad, Caleta de Campos, Nexpa and Pichilinguillo.

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