Cuitzeo del Porvenir


At the shore of the lake, a town that was a mission and today is magic

The Purepechans settled in the shore of Cuitzeo river. The Augustines arrived and they built an extraordinary convent to evangelize the region. Cuitzeo grew and, nowadays, this calm Magic Town hides a festive heart from neighborhood to neighborhood.

The roadway to Cuitzeo from Morelia may be one of the most beautiful of Michoacan. Built over the lake, the roadway seems to fly over the water. In the shore, some fishers work underneath the careful look of herons. The surface of the lake glitters and reflects the nearby hills. In the morning, the picture is unbelievable.

The Cuitzeo lake, the second largest of Mexico, has been for centuries the resource for thousands of people that live nearby. Its importance is reinforced by the ceremonial Purepechan centers found in the region. One of those, Tres Cerritos, is side by side with the Magic Town Cuitzeo, a reminder of the symbolic and cultural relevance of the place.

In 1549, the Agustines chose Cuitzeo to be the location of the convent, the center of all the evangelization of the region. The majestic compound of Saint Maria Magdalen is home nowadays of the Estampa Museum. The murals of the Indian chapel, the cloister and the magnificent capitulate hall show the relevance of Cuitzeo in the evangelization of Michoacan. An unforgettable visit.

Our recommendations:

  1. Visit the archeological site Tres Cerritos before a meal in front of the lake.
  2. Eat with a great view to the lake. White fish, charales, frog legs or turkey mole are some of the specialties that you can find at the shore of the lake.
  3. Walk through the town and visit the chapels of the neighborhoods: the Calvario, Saint Pablito and La Concepcion.
  4. Walk through the big main square and visit the Guadalupe Sanctuary and the Hospitalito.
  5. Attend the different parties that each neighborhood hosts for their patrons.

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