Jiquilpan de Juárez


Bohemian Magic Town, home of artists and shelter of traditions

Jiquilpan is a quiet town of lively gates, big gardens, beautiful temples and nice walks. A town covered in a blue veil when the jacarandas blossom. A town passionate about art. A town proud of being the birthplace of general Lazaro Cardenas.

A calm Magic Town. During the day, the gardened squares witness the coming and going of people in their daily life. By the evening, the gates of Jardin Colon are filled with other whispers: the bohemian hour, the hour of coffee, the lively conversation, the hour of the music.

A town with its own forest that offers shelter and shadow, the Cuauhtemoc Forest. The ideal place to run, walk or celebrate. A forest that preserves a House of Stone that well may be dubbed as the House of Silk.

Art is present at every corner of Jiquilpan Magic Town: in the silk and crafts workshop, in the music, in the gastronomy, and in the surprising magiscopes by Feliciano Bejar, or in the walls of the Library, with impressive murals by the great master Jose Clemente Orozco. A must to visit.

Our recommendations:

  1. Take a picture of the famous Aguadora Fountain and Fish Fountain, designed by the great Mexican architect Tresguerras.
  2. Visit the House of Stone in the Cuauhtemoc Forest, where an interesting work to save silk work takes places. The rebozos are exquisite.
  3. Visit El Porvenir, the extraordinary house-museum of the worldwide known artist Feliciano Bejar.
  4. Attend the pilgrimage of the Virgin of Remedies in Totolan.
  5. Taste the local cuisine: uchepos and corundas, cosechero soup or zalate style burritos.

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