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Founded in 1541 as Valladolid, Morelia’s history runs in parallel with the history of Mexico. Its extraordinary downtown, a declared World Heritage, was built in the XVII century with the iconic pink quarry of the region. From the empowering Cathedral, the city exhibits its abundance of palaces, like the Palace of Government, convents such as Saint Francisco, where you can find the House of Crafts, or the first conservatory of America, the Conservatorium de las Rosas, home of the children choir from the city.

In addition to that, the city was an important center of knowledge and birthplace of the independence movement. Some key figures studied in Saint Nicolas college, heir of the old university founded by Don Vasco de Quiroga, like Agustin de Iturbide and Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, while Miguel Hidalgo was rector. Morelos himself offers an excellent history lesson your children will enjoy at the Morelos Birthplace Museum. Do also check out the video mapping show at Valladolid Square.

Morelia’s downtown is perfect for the flaneur curiosity. Locals and tourists gather in coffees and restaurants located in the main gates. Foodies can explore the amazing Michoacan cuisine in exclusive restaurants. In just a few blocks, you can admire amazing art collections, go shopping or attend to a concert. A cosmopolitan atmosphere surrounds the heart of this colonial city.

Our recommendations:

  1. The traditional lighting of the Cathedral each Saturday and a night walk with the buildings illuminated.
  2. Recover strength with the delicious fruit gazpachos with cotija cheese, seasoned as you like.
  3. Buy the best crafts in the House of Crafts. You can also buy online in
  4. Meet the best of our cuisines in gourmet restaurants and at Morelia en Boca.
  5. Experience the atmosphere of the iconic festivals of music, jazz, pipe organ, guitar or film. Your choice.

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