Tacámbaro de Codallos


The Magic Town that show the romantic side of Lázaro Cárdenas

Among forests of pines an idyllic image appears: a charming valley full of trees and fog on the top, fruit fields and a red and white town. The Magic Town of Tacambaro promises provincial charm, but there are some surprises along the way.

Tacambaro has the perfect weather. Located between the mountains and the warm land, the fresh air and warm air take turns, dance and get mixed. Avocados, blackberries and sugarcanes are a tradition of the region. Nearby the town, falls and lagoons such as La Alberca offer a thousand possibilities for a day in the nature.

The town preserved the old flavors. In the downtown, streets of white and big houses that protect from the sun and the rain, and the hidden squares like the ones of Santo Niño conduct the people to the green main square. Underneath the gates, the Cultural Center Amalia Solorzano tells the fascinating details of the story between Lazaro Cardenas, her wife and why the presidential house in Mexico name is Los Pinos (the Pines). Tacambaro performs magic.

The Great Cathedral of San Jeronimo is in the main square, but the most iconic church of Tacambaro may be the Fatima Temple. With a magnificent sight of the valley, this temple guards four images brought from old communist countries, as well as a replica of the Saint Sepulchral. It is a genuine surprise.

Our recommendations:

  1. Taste the blackberries from the shops in the streets. They are delicious!
  2. Visit the simple Hospital Temple, built in the vein of the ones created by Don Vasco.
  3. Buy a souvenir. The House of the Artisans, in the Santo Niño Square, is an excellent choice to find preserved food, candies and local crafts.
  4. Satisfy your stomach with the typical carnitas of Tacambaro.
  5. Taste the mezcal made in the neighbor regions.

Click on the map to start exploring Tacámbaro de Codallos

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