Zamora de Hidalgo


The city that rose its towers up to the sky

Zamora, the third biggest city of Michoacan, smells like coffee, fruit and chongos, a traditional and irresistible dessert. Zamora is city and field. Sandals, hats and leather work can be found in the markets. Modern stores and streets of times long passed, with colorful facades and long barred windows. Zamora is full of contrasts, with its beautiful downtown and the charm and paused rhythm of small cities.

The heart of the city is full of towers that touch the clouds. The Guadalupe Sanctuary can be seen, unmistakable, even before you arrive to the city. Tall towers also arise from the Cathedral, of Sacred Heart, San Francisco or from the Calvario.

The downtown is intimately traditional. The main square, presented by the Cathedral, is a nice garden surrounded by gates. A place to go shopping, eat or just to take a walk. At the side, you can find the beautiful Morelos Market, where you cannot miss the corridor devoted to the most sweet temptations. The nearby streets are occupied by a cheerful flea market that becomes alive each morning and disappears in the night. And thus is how life in Zamora passes: calm and full of flavors.

Our recommendations:

  1. Taste the renowned chongos zamoranos, a delicious desert made from milk. The best place to do it is the corridor of candies in the Morelos Market, where you can also buy preserved products as souvenirs.
  2. Buy coffee for a local toaster. The Zamorans are proud and in love with their coffee, at every corner you will find craft toasters. Taste it!
  3. Try a traditional sombrero or sandals from the flea market.
  4. Look which events you can attend in the Obrero Teather or in the Art State Center, both are worth the visit.
  5. Spend a day in the nature in Camecuaro, a delicious park around the lake, where shadow of the centennial rubber plant offer the best place for a family day.

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