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Clay and mezcal from Michoacán

Santa Fe de la Laguna

From $950 MXN

Let's meet in Morelia to head towards Santa Fe de la Laguna. In the utopia town of Don Vasco, we will make a trip through the main square to appreciate the mural that shows the history and the struggles of the purepechan community. We will later visit the pottery workshop, where you will learn how to make a mezcal cup out of clay. Know everything about the process: from the harvesting of the materials in the mountain to the cooking process. You will never forget that you made this yourself!

We will late go to San Jeronimo Purenchecuaro, where we will taste the famous Purenchecuaro Trout with one of the most famous cooks, known worldwide.

We will finish our journey at Oponguio, where a family expert on mezcal will tell us how to make this ancient drink. The best comes at the very end, you will enjoy a mezcal shot and a sampler tasting of mezcales from Michoacan. 


  • Full transportation.
  • Traveler insurance.
  • Visit to the communities of Santa Fe de la Laguna, San Jeronimo Purenchecuaro and Oponguio.
  • Clay workshop (access and material).
  • Mezcal workshop (access and tasting sampler).
  • Local food.
  • Local candies.
  • Fresh water.
  • Tour guides from Morelia

Does not include

  • Other unspecified services, such as food or purchases.
  • Tips
  • Crafts you could want to buy. 


  • Minimum for 5 people, recommended for groups of 20.
  • Maximum for 45 personas. 
  • You could make this trip any day, except on rainy season.
  • The trip goes from 9 am to 18 pm, the time could extend an hour depending on the group. 


  • The place we could wat may vary in each trip, as well as the traditional cook, because the aim is to support more people in all the communities.
  • Transportation may vary depending on the group, it could be a car, a van, a sprinter jeep or a bus.
  •  Bring comfortable clothes to walk, such as boots (with no high heels) or tennis, warm clothes, cameras and sunscreen. 

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Getting there

Domicilio conocido Santa Fe de la Laguna, Quiroga


Antojitos (Snacks) Market


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Antojitos (Snacks) Market

Antojitos (Snacks) Market

Churches and cemeteries

Morelia Cathedral


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Morelia Cathedral

Morelia Cathedral

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