Juan Torres’s workshop La Candelaria


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This workshop is located in the town of Capula. The craftsman and painter Juan Torres attends to it personally and besides selling his craftwork he also offers painting and sculpture classes. This artist was a pupil of the renowned local painter Alfredo Zalce who gave him his first lessons and introduced him to the world of art. 

His most popular crafts are his clay Catrinas which he began to elaborate in the seventies inspired in those by Guadalupe Posada, the most famous Mexican engraver whose artistic designs imposed a new fashion and a new creation style, so much so that even now many artist continue to copy his work and his Catrinas have become representative of Morelia.

The workshop is next to the Municipal Cemetery.

Getting there

Santos Degollado s/n, Col. Capula. 58331 Capula, Morelia

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