The city of Apatzingán is located in the region of Tierra Caliente which is crossed by the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain system. Now being the most populated city of the region, Apatzingan has earned its place in Mexican History. It was in this place were Morelos signed the first legal constitution ever elaborated in Latin America, during the Independence struggle. The Casa de la Constitución Museum attests to this historic event, which is celebrated on October 22th.

Apatzingán’s and Taretan’s various waterparks offer a respite from the region’s heat where both local families and tourist can enjoy a good time.

Among its most popular dishes are uchepos and corundas, aporreadillo (beef and egg stea) and morisqueta (rice and beans dish). Saddlery is the most popular craftwork of this agricultural region.

The region encompasses the following municipalities: Apatzingán, Parácuaro, Huacana, Nuevo Urecho, Tepalcatepec, Buenavista and Churumuco de Morelos.

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