País de la Monarca

País de la Monarca is a mountainous region, with extensive woods of oyamel and pine trees, mining towns, lakes and dams (visited for recreational purposes) and thermal waters (ideal for relaxation). The region is a unique sum of extraordinary natural beauty and fascinating history.

Year after year, the mountain welcomes the magnificent monarch butterfly. The renowned sanctuaries of Sierra Chincua and El Rosario are located within the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The heroic city of Zitácuaro saw the birth of the first Mexican government, achieved thanks to the Independence War. But this was already a very important region historically speaking, as it houses the archaeological site of Zirahuato in San Felipe de los Alzati.

The Route of Magical Mining Towns, which runs through Tlalpujahua, Angangueo and El Oro –located in the State of Mexico – honors the region’s miner past. In the “Magic Village” of Tlalpujahua you can even explore and old mine, or buy some of its beautiful Christmas spheres, which they have been elaborating for generations. The “Magic Village” of Angangueo is also a miner town and it is a gateway to the Sanctuaries of the Monarch Butterfly.

Those looking for adventure and those who enjoy outdoor recreation will find many activity options in the region’s dams, such as fishing, mountain biking, hiking and all kinds of water sports. If you are looking to improve your health and wellness, head to Los Azufres, and enjoy its thermal waters.

In the mountainous regions the traditional dishes are lamb barbecue, mole, beef head tacos, and canned fruit.

The region encompasses the following municipalities: Angangueo, Hidalgo, Maravatío, Jungapeo, Tlalpujahua, Zitácuaro, Contepec, Tuxpan, Huetamo, Senguio and Ocampo.

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