Patzcuaro Region

Lake Pátzcuaro is one of Michoacán’s most emblematic places. The Purépecha civilization flourished in the river banks, as shown by the former ceremonial center Las Yácatas, found in the “Magic Village” of Tzintzuntzan, and other archeological sites, such as Ihuatzio. Land of fishermen and fertile lands, the communities that live around the river bank and on the islands still preserve their ancient customs and identity. One of the town’s main traditions, their celebration of the Day of the Death has been declared Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The “Magical Village” of Pátzcuaro was thought by Michoacan’s first bishop, Vasco de Quiroga, as a place of encounter and peaceful coexistence, here he chose to found his diocese and he built a Cathedral and the first San Nicolás College Pátzcuaro’s southern region is equally interesting.

It is a most to visit Tupátaro, and its temple to apostle Santiago, a masterpiece of sacred art. Lake Zirahuén is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the state, while the “Magical Village” of Santa Clara del Cobre is a town of artisans with a unique charm, renowned by the beauty of its handicrafts. Continuing south, in the border with Tierra Caliente, we find the picturesque and warm “Magical Village”of Tacámbaro.

The fish is the main ingredient of the lacustrine cuisine, with dishes such as the caldo de michi (a regional fish stew). Do not forget to try the maize based uchepos, corundas or ash tamales.

Vegetable fibers such as tule and chuspata are also used to create handicrafts in this region. In the town of Tócuaro they elaborate colorful masks which they use in their many traditional dances and celebrations Finally, Santa Clara is famous for its exquisite copper craftwork.

The region encompasses the following municipalities: Pátzcuaro, Erongarícuaro, Quiroga, Tzintzuntzan, Salvador Escalante, Huiramba and Madero.

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