Magical mining town surrounded by butterflies

Nestled in a ravine, Angangueo meanders between wooded hills. It is precisely here, in the mountains that surround it, where millions of monarch butterflies gather every winter. Between November and March, Angangueo becomes the epicenter of the extraordinary natural spectacle of the monarch migration, which is well worth a visit to the sanctuaries of Sierra Chincua and El Rosario.

This Magical Town looks magnificent from above, and several viewpoints such as the one at the Capilla de la Misericordia offer spectacular views of this picturesque town. From the top you can see the uneven plot of the town that follows the mountain, with its narrow streets and its solemn adobe houses with large patios. A town that was a miner, a town of wealth and tragedy, whose people built mansions with colorful facades and flowers on the balconies. Peaceful, friendly and warm place towards the visitor.

The temple of the Immaculate Conception and the Parish of San Simón Celador compete for prominence. The first, the village temple. The second, the temple erected by the wealthiest family, such was the wealth that these mines generated. In the middle, a delicious parade ground with a kiosk surrounded by portals. The Mineros de Angangueo Secondary School also tells us about the mining past of Angangueo, with an extraordinary mural by Arturo Estrada, a disciple of Frida Kahlo. At the rear of the Parroquia, another mural —this time in the open air— by Jorge Téllez tells the story of this small town that has not lost its magic over the years.


  1. Go into one of the monarch butterfly sanctuaries and see this extraordinary natural event first hand, which takes place between November and February.
  2. Take photos of the excellent panoramic views of the town: in the morning, from the viewpoint of the Monument to the Miner. In the afternoon, from the Cruz de Hierro viewpoint.
  3. Try the traditional canned sweets of the region.
  4. Feast of the Holy Cross on May 3. You cannot miss it, it is a unique celebration. Thousands of multi-colored street lamps with candles and candles illuminate each street of the town. The 2.5 kilometer sawdust mat will fascinate you with its infinity of colors and figures, and three hours of pyrotechnics with the most incredible explosions of light and color await you crowning the party. You will be amazed.
  5. If you are in Angangueo on Sunday, visit the old Hacienda de Jesús de Nazareno, the first hacienda to be established in the region.
  6. Of course, visit Tlalpujahua, the other Magical Mining Town of Michoacán, and complete the route with El Oro, in the State of Mexico.





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