On the shores of the lake, a town that was a mission and today is magical

The Purépechas settled on the north shore of Lake Cuitzeo. The Augustinians arrived and built an extraordinary convent to evangelize the region. Cuitzeo grew and today this peaceful Magical Town hides a festive heart under the apparent stillness, neighborhood by neighborhood.

The road route between Morelia and Cuitzeo is probably one of the most beautiful in the state. Built on the lake, the road seems to fly over the water. On the shore some fishermen work under the watchful eye of herons. The surface of the lake shines and reflects the neighboring hills. The picture in the morning seems unreal.

Lake Cuitzeo, the second largest in Mexico, has been the livelihood of thousands of people who live in its basin for centuries. Its importance is attested by the Purépecha ceremonial centers found. One of these centers, Tres Cerritos, stands next to the Magical Town of Cuitzeo, reminding us that this place always had symbolic relevance.

In 1549 the Augustinians chose Cuitzeo to locate the convent from which they would undertake the evangelization of this region. The magnificent convent complex of Santa María Magdalena today houses the Museo de la Estampa. The murals in the Indian chapel, the cloister and especially the magnificent chapter house demonstrate the great relevance of Cuitzeo in the evangelization of Michoacán. An unforgettable visit.


  1. Visit the archaeological site of Tres Cerritos before going to eat in front of the lake.
  2. Eat while contemplating the lake. Charales, tilapia, frog legs or turkey mole are the specialties served by the restaurants on the shore of the lake.
  3. Stroll through the town and visit the chapels of the neighborhoods: El Calvario, San Pablito and La Concepción.
  4. Tour the surroundings of the great main esplanade and visit the Sanctuary of Guadalupe and the Hospitalito.
  5. Join the various festivals that each neighborhood celebrates to commemorate its patron saints.





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