Magic Town founded by Don Vasco de Quiroga

On the shore of the lake of the same name stands Pátzcuaro, a peaceful town with cobbled streets, stately homes, tree-lined squares and always crowded portals. A town that preserves the provincial charm of its slopes, its fountains, its temples, its daily rituals. The Magical Town of Pátzcuaro does not need tricks to captivate the traveler.

Few places in Mexico can boast more than 500 years of history, and Pátzcuaro is one of them. Founded by Don Vasco to be the political and religious center of the region. Don Vasco built the Basilica of Our Lady of Health and founded the first university in Mexico, the Colegio de San Nicolás, today the interesting Museum of Popular Arts and Industries. A profusion of temples and convents such as San Agustín, San Francisco or the Jesuits surround the bustling center and, with their chimes, mark the rhythm of daily life.

Touring this Magical Town is a delight for photographers, foodies and the curious. In the mornings, the activity is concentrated in the Gertrudis Bocanegra square with people coming and going to the market, an excellent place to try and buy typically Michoacan products such as dry charales, stuffed corundas or Cotija cheese. In the afternoons, trendy restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors and mezcalerías congregate locals and foreigners under the portals of Plaza Vasco de Quiroga. And always with the traditional music danced by the old men.


  1. Learn about the rich living culture of the Purépecha communities that Vasco de Quiroga established to make Utopia a reality.
  2. Try the delicious local cuisine: the famous charalitos, corundas, uchepos, enchiladas placeras, and above all, the famous pasta ice cream under the portals of the Vasco de Quiroga square.
  3. Experience the Night of the Dead up close, touring the cemeteries of nearby towns on this magical night.
  4. Take your kids on a boat tour to see how the Janitzio fishermen handle their butterfly nets on Sunday mornings.
  5. If you are an art lover, take a short excursion to Tupátaro to admire its magnificent temple of Santiago.





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