The exuberance of Tierra Caliente, from the landscape to the table

The Apatzingán Region is located in Tierra Caliente, a region crossed by the Sierra Madre Occidental. Apatzingán is the most populous city in this region, and a city that forged its place in the history of Mexico. It was here that Morelos signed the first constitution of Mexico, in the midst of the War of Independence. The House of the Constitution bears witness to this historic event, which is celebrated on October 22.

Several spas in Apatzingán and Taretan offer a respite from the heat and are very popular with families in the region.

To eat, try the traditional Michoacán uchepos and corundas, the aporreadillo and the morisqueta. Saddlery is a highly worked craft branch in this traditionally agricultural region.

The municipalities of Apatzingán, Parácuaro, Huacana, Nuevo Urecho, Tepalcatepec, Buenavista and Churumuco de Morelos belong to this region.