Rivers that sing, volcanoes and the fascinating Purépecha plateau

Uruapan, second city of Michoacán, capital of the avocado, place of privileged climate and tourist center of the Purépecha Plateau. Located on the banks of the Barranca del Cupatitzio, the river that sings, Don Vasco died in his huatápera.

From the pre-Hispanic past remains the archaeological site of Tingambato. But it is the living culture that gives color and flavor to this land. In the Purépecha Plateau we find a rosary of starry skies in Nurio, Cocucho, Zacán, Pomacuarán or Charapan. Land also of great craftsmen: musical instruments, cocuchas, shawls and overcoats made by patient hands. The Palm Sunday Craft Market is the largest in Latin America. In it you will find more than a million pieces made by hand by the talented artisans of this land.

The Purépecha customs and traditions are kept alive, and the Festival of the Purépecha Race of Zacán is an extraordinary opportunity to get to know these cultural manifestations such as the pirekua, the traditional Purépecha music, declared a World Heritage Site. It was also here, hand in hand with the traditional cooks of these communities, where UNESCO found the ingredients to declare traditional Mexican cuisine a World Heritage Site. Do not forget to try the corundas, the churipo de res, the barbecue and the enormous variety of tamales.

Rebozos, overcoats, pottery and the very detailed work of maque are produced in the region.

The municipalities of Uruapan, Ziracuaretiro, Paracho, Nuevo Parangaricutiro, Charapan, Tingambato, Los Reyes, Gabriel Zamora, Cherán, Taretan and Nahuatzen belong to this region.